Katie Kelsh


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About Katie Kelsh

Meet me!! Katie Kelsh
I grew up spending summers on my fathers farm in Amenia ND. My father taught me to drive when I could only see out the windshield by sitting on phone books. I enjoyed running the combine and occasionally, driving grain trucks to Arthur (using the back roads of course). My family also had a manufaturing shop where i was expected at times to be proficient using the forklift and skidsteer. I also remember my father trying to teach me to weld by welding my name in some scrap steel. This gave me good common sense, a strong work ethic and a solid sense of adventure!
During my school years I lived in Northern California and Southern California, where I became intolerant to the cold temperatures of ND. If asked, I tell people my formative years were lived in California.
After High School I moved to Boulder, Colorado to attend University. The distractions were plenty and I spent too many days on the ski slopes rather than attending classes.
I became a flight attendant for United Airlines based in Boston from the late 1990s until the just after Septerber 11th. I had the opportunity to visit almost all of the 50 States! During my time as a flight attendant I was able to bring my dad across the Atlantic to visit France where we toured the beaches of Normandy. I was also able to travel with my mother to Italy to feast my eyes on Michelangelos The Last Supper.
I made the decision to return to ND and continue my eduaction and received my Bachelors in Science. After 15 years in ND I have come to love Fargo and all of its charm. I feel like there aren’t many better areas to raise children and this area has truly become home.
I am an avid Crossfitter, and stay active and fit doing whatever the seasons allow me to do. I prefer to be outside, thus spring and summer are my favorite seasons.
I hope to continue to work on my solo pilots license, as my father has his instructors rating, so I have an incredible opportunity to learn to fly reasonably cheap.
I live in South Fargo in a 1920's bungalow. My passion is character homes and Mid-mod style homes. I love the individuality of older homes and when they are able retain the original character. Fargo also has some really wonderful new home builders as well, and they are very on trend with what is current.
Because of my varied and predominantly farm background I will always work hard for my clients. I enjoy the home searching process, and always have the stamina and patience to see more homes with my clients.